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The reality of Realty after the second wave

Let me tell you at the beginning itself that this post is totally my point of view, you are free to express your viewpoint in the comment section.

We all know what’s happening in the current scenario, the situation is bad and we have no idea when this pandemic is going to end. After unlock 1.0 real estate market picked up and things were just getting back on track then suddenly we were hit by the second wave and this was extremely bad and so many lives were lost in this wave.

The second wave put a pause on the activities but if you discuss it in your circle you will notice that someone must have bought a property at this time. You might be thinking that Noida real estate market is bad and buyers must be willing to liquidate their properties but my friend let me tell you the case is quite opposite.

Yes, the Noida real estate market has picked up and there is a huge demand for property, prices are rising. There is a demand in Greater Noida West, Sector 150, and areas near the commercial hub. Greater Noida west is in demand because of the availability of affordable houses, by affordable you can read between 35 to 50 lakhs.

Sector 150 is in demand because it is near Jewar airport and has under-construction projects by leading/ top-most developers having larger spaces. This pandemic has made people think to stay close or rather stay together with their loved ones so they are keen on buying bigger spaces.

Noida has everything which one can think of while shortlisting a place to settle down or buying their dream home. This time property near Yamuna expressway is in demand and you will notice that prices are going to shoot up very soon. With the planned development which will happen there, people are just rushing to that area.

The reality of Noida real estate sector is that property is in demand, there are buyers in the market who are interested in buying properties and you will notice the property appreciation very soon. So my friend if you are one of those who are still thinking that the market will crash and you can get a cheap deal, this won’t happen.

It’s better to invest your money at right time.

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