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How to make your house winter-ready!

‘Winters in north India’ i guess you can very well complete the sentence. If you have stayed in this part then you can relate to what I am talking about 🙂

Consider yourself lucky if you own a flat in a high-rise tower and that gets sunlight in the winter season. Imagine the pain of house owners or tenants who have north-facing windows or have a tower in front of their window obstructing the sunlight. House which doesn’t get a bit of sunlight a generally very cold compared to the normal ones. Here’s how you can make your house winter-ready:

  1. Seal the windows: I know it’s a very basic tip but it will help you a lot. inspect your windows for small-small gaps and if you find one just seal so no chilly wind will be able to surpass it. Check the area around your window ac and seal that too.

2. Use rugs and carpets: It’s time to take out your carpets and rugs and put it on the floor. Tiles are cooler in comparison to wooden flooring. cover up your floor.

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3. Buy oil heater: Oil heater is saviour in comparison to the traditional one. Invest in a good oil heater and it will help in maintaining the correct room temperature

4. Change your curtains: if you have thin curtains then I would suggest going for thicker ones which you can draw in the night time and that will prevent the air flow and help in controlling the room temperature

5. Get grow light for plants: if you are a plant parent then it’s better to buy grow light which acts as artificial sunlight for the plants

Hope you find these tips helpful and are on your way to make your home winter-ready.

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