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Top 6 places to buy a house in Noida

Hello readers,

When it comes to buying a house in Noida what all factors do you consider before purchasing the flat? I have listed down few, let’s go through this one by one:

  • Connectivity: How well connected the place is through local transport options, metro, hospitals, schools, markets, and basic facility shops.
  • You should also look at how conveniently it is connected with airport and train stations because this one of the factors which impact the appreciations of the property value
  •  How much time you will be taking to commute to your office? You obviously won’t like to spend more than 1 hour in a traffic jam, right? So always consider the distance and connectivity from your workplace too
  • The density of the area: you should always look at how populated the area is, there should be parks in the surrounding area, should have better drainage facility, you should be able to see some green space instead of the concrete jungle, roads should be wide enough to not cause a traffic jam

So looking at the whole scenario and, considering my knowledge and understanding I have listed out top 6 places or rather areas where you can find more than 3-4 options in your budget to invest your money:

Sector 150 Noida:
  • The latest hot selling cake in Noida real estate market. This is in close proximity to jewar airport, commercial space, new noida film city is expected to bring lot of boost in this area
  • Metro line is nearby and so will be the malls, you have schools and colleges like Amity and Knowledge park in the close vicinity
  • You can book under construction or newly launched property in this area and possession will be given in 3-5 years.
  • Leading developers like Tata, Godrej, ATS etc are doing projects in this area
Sector -137, Noida
  • This place is preferable as most of the office spaces have shifted towards Noida expressway counting to good connectivity between Delhi and Noida. Though this area is more populated than the remaining 4 options but still can’t ignore the good connectivity with DND and advantage of the expressway
Jaypee Wishtown, Noida
  • I know Jaypee as a builder has disappointed many  home buyers and investors but still you have to consider the good connectivity of this place. Now many builders have purchased the FSI in this project and they are constructing the flats and even Jaypee has delivered few projects in this township which are available at cheaper rates. You can contact me to know about the best rates, aakhir hoon to broker hi na 😊. Once the complete township is delivered, within 3 years RWA will form and make the society better. You just need to put some more money in it and trust me it will be a good place to live and give you good returns.  
Sector 119 and 120
  • Most of you must be wondering why I haven’t considered sector 75-79 well from my point of view living in 119 and 120 will be a better option over these sectors. This sector has low-density flats and more green space because of authority parks
Sector 93 B

o   One of the oldest and very much developed area on the expressway, this is the only place where the main gates of the societies are connected to the service roads. You will find one of the finest gentries of Noida staying in this sector who prefers to roam in luxury cars and carry superior breed of dogs 😊 this might look expensive to you but you have a good broker in your network then he can very well help you in finding a home as per your budget

Sector 100 and 107

o   This area is superior over the other 4 options listed above. It has widest roads, good connectivity with the center of Noida and expressway, and an ample amount of green landscapes. This area might not have the finest projects but it certainly has advantages over other sectors

After reading these 6 options do you get questions in your mind like:

o   What all we should look out before buying the flat?

o   Which is the best project to consider in these top 5 areas?

Don’t worry I will explain these in my next blog post and if you have any queries please list it down in the comment box and I will be happy to answer that.

Till then stay happy, stay connected and stay blessed                                    

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Hi I am Avi, a seasoned real estate professional and a blogger. I express my personal opinion about Noida real estate here on my Blog. You are welcome to share your suggestions with me :)


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