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What to check at the time of flat possession?

Congratulations on having your dream house ready. After a good wait time has come to take possession of your flat. You might be thinking at the back of your mind what you need to check and what will be the possession process. Well, worry not, I am going to write down about the possession process and things which you should check at the time of possession.

How to take the possession of your flat?

You will be notified by the builder through email/phone that your flat is ready and you may take possession.

Things to check before taking possession
  1. Property papers : make sure you have taken original and photocopies of all the document related to your property. double check with the registration process at the authority and make sure that it is transferred on your name and you have registry document with you
  2. Fittings: check the fitting of tubelights, fans, switchboard, door knobs, tiles; look out for any discoloration or crack, stopper, bathroom fittings etc. If the commode chair is broken or has a crack then you can ask the representative for replacement
  3. Walls: check walls for crack, damp patches, uneven distamper, chipping etc
  4. Plug points: check whether all the lights and fans turns on or not, if any of the switch is not funtional etc
  5. Clogged drains: especially in the bathroom and balconies do look out for well elevation of tiles so that the water goes well into the drain. look out for leakages, dampness in the bathroom or kitchen
  6. Door and windows: make sure the door and windows are opening and closing smoothly and has proper latches attached
  7. Air conditioning: Proper ducting for split air condition should be done according to the specification of your room. Also, inquire about the water outlet of the AC because a bad ducting can cause seepage in your walls
  8. Amenities: Builders promise you a lot of amenities while selling the flat. Make sure you check on these and also have a look at the club house charges

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